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Video about our service

You will find YouTube videos about our service below. You will see how to make trades!

About Us

LOOT.Farm is an online service that allows you to automatically trade CS:GO, DOTA 2, Team Fortress, and RUST items with our trading bots' accounts. By using our service you can easily and securely exchange your unwanted game skins for other cool guns, knives, and keys. All trades are provided as regular Steam trade offers, 100% secure, backed by the review system of every Steam trade, letting you accept or decline the offer.

If you add more items in a trade than necessary, the remaining funds will be transferred to your personal balance, which can be used in future trades. This is useful if the items you want to get are on different bots or if we don't currently have the item you want. You can make trades any time using your internal balance.

Our Reservation system allows you to reserve CS:GO skins currently not tradable on our bots. And our Auction system allows you not to lost really unique items.

Read the Questions and Answers section on this page for much more usefull information about our service.

Questions and Answers

How to Trade?

1. First of all check if you have set your account's inventory to Public in Steam so we can see your inventory.

2. Sign in safely with your Steam account (by using the link on the top of the page).

3. Set your Steam Trade URL. (click on the Set TradeURL on the top account menu).

4. Choose the items you want to trade from your inventory. Select the items you want to get from our inventory. Check the items' prices and your balance. (You can use your balance to make trades).

4.1. You will get trades from out bots according to the "Trades queue". You will get first trade for your items and bot's items with maximum amount. You will get exactly the same trades as shown in the trades's queue. If you will get not the same trade - don't accept it in Steam.

4.2. To search items in our bots' inventory you can use many different parameters such as Price, Type, Exterior, Quality and also search by sticker names. Click the 'Additional Filters' icon to open the option menu.

4.3. For searching you can use partial item names in any order. For example: If you search for "red ak" you will find all "AK-47 | Redline" items. You also can use "awp field" to find all AWPs with "field" in the name or with "(Field-Tested)" exterior. Additionally, you can use the "minus sign" before the word to exclude it from the skin name. For example: Redline -awp -field will find all RedLines with exception of AWP and (Field-Tested) exterior.

4.4. You can get additional information about items if you put your mouse cursor over it's icon or by touching it on mobile devices. To add items for trading on mobile devices touch the item again. You will get information on Market name, Name tags, Float value and Sticker information. You can move your mouse in this field to copy the market name or the sticker's name for example.

4.5. You can choose items from several games supported on our service in one trade. To switch games you should use tabs above inventory.

5. Click on the "Trade" button. Our service will check your trade and send a Trade offer to your Steam account.

5.1. You will get trades according with the trades queue. If you do not have enough balance for all trades you will get trades with balance top-up first. After accepting this trade in Steam - you will get the next trades in the queue.

6. You will see status information about your trades. If sending it was successful you will get the link to accept the trade offer in Steam, or you will get an error description if something goes wrong.

7. If you are confirming the trade, the status will change to "Completed" a few seconds later and your balance will change accordingly. Your account will be refunded if your items were more valuable than what you got from us.

7.1. If you decline the trade offer the status will change to "Canceled" and you can make another trade.

How are prices set?

On LOOT.Farm we use unique price setting formulas. We collect market information from Steam community marketplace and use our experience in Steam trading and complex mathematical formulas to get the best prices for CS:GO skins and items.

We set several classes of discount for CS:GO, DOTA 2, H1Z1 and RUST items. You can find items with prices between:
105% of Steam prices,
100% of Steam prices,
85% of Steam prices,
70% of Steam prices

These discounts depend on many factors and you can see the discount class by the price tag background color (same as above).

How does the reservation system work?

Currently, you get a 7 day trade HOLD on CS:GO and DOTA 2 items after the trade was accepted in Steam. We show these items on bots and give you the ability to reserve them for you. You should withdraw them within 72 hours after the trade hold gets lifted.
Here are our rules for the reservation:

  • Currently you have the ability to reserve items ON HOLD on our bots.
  • Just select the ON HOLD items and trade them as usual.
  • The price will be deducted from your balance after confirming the reservation.
  • You can see your reserved and "withdrawable" items under "LOOT.Farm Reserved items" in your inventory tab on LOOT.Farm.
  • You can cancel the reservation at any time BEFORE the trade hold is released.
  • If you cancel the reservation you will get 97% of the current item's price credited to your balance.
  • After the trade hold is lifted you have 72 hours to withdraw your items.
  • After 72 hours your reservation will be canceled automatically.
  • If the reservation is canceled you will get 101% of the curent item's price credited to your balance.
  • You can get a 1% bonus if you cancel the reservation of the item without a trade hold.

How does the auction system work?

The auction system on our site is designed to allow all users to get things that they find interesting (if they win the auction). Without auctions, interesting items are quickly picked up at the standard price and most users do not even see them.

Nice bonus! If skin you traded to us will be auctioned you will get back 95% from price change. Example: You traded to us skin priced $100 (get $97 during trade). If your skins will be sold for $200 on the auction - You will get (200 - 100) * 0,95 = $95 back to your balance!


  • All new CS: GO items are auctioned for 24 hours.
  • You can view items at auction by switching to the "CS:GO auctions” tab.
  • All our usual (and additional) filters, search and sorting work in this tab.
  • You can see the current price, starting price, remaining time, and auction step for each item.
  • After the end of the auction, the item is reserved for the winner (if he or she has enough money) at the current auction price.
  • If there are no bids for the item or the bidders do not have enough money, the item goes into exchanges at the standard price.

Rules for setting bids (read very carefully in order not to lose money).

  • You set the maximum lot price that you agree to pay, but the price increases by one step of the auction.
  • Your amount of money on the balance must be bigger than the maximum price.
  • There is no limit on the total amount of bids, but please note that you cannot cancel the maximum bid. At the end of the auction you could get not the things that you really want but those that you have enough money for.
    So think carefully about what bids you are placing and what your overall balance is.
  • You cannot cancel a bid if it is currently the winning one.
  • If the lot receives a bid lower than Your maximum, You remain the winner, but the price increases to the bid plus a step.
  • If the lot receives a bid higher than Your maximum — the price becomes the maximum plus the step.
  • If Your maximum bid is exceeded — you can cancel your bid by specifying the price of 0.00 (zero) and sending a request.
  • You can also set a new maximum price for this lot above the current one.
  • If a new bid is received less than 15 seconds before the auction ends - the auction will be prolonged for 15 seconds. This helps to prevent "auction sniping".
  • If You do not cancel your bid — you can win this auction at your maximum price if the winner does not have enough money at the end of the auction.
  • If you won the auction, the current lot price is deducted from your balance and the item is reserved for your account.
  • Attention! The item is reserved at the standard price. If you cancel a reservation, you will only get back the standard price of the item in our system.
  • If you do not have enough money at the end of the auction, Your bid is canceled and all bidders below you are checked to have enough money.
  • If you want to get an item, check that you have a sufficient balance on the site at the end of the auction (if necessary, add the required amount).
How does the AI Select system (automatic selection of items for exchange) work?

The AI​Select system allows you to automatically select or supplement items for an exchange in case you want to rely on luck or it is not so important for you what things to get for the remaining amount of the exchange.

Automatic selection works as follows:

  • Items are selected from the current list of items in the bot's item window. This means that you can limit the range of selected items yourself. For example: turn on the "Hide items in hold" filter, show only Immortal quality items in DOTA 2, or enter “AWP” in the search so that the selection occurs only among AWP rifles.
  • Items that you added to the exchange yourself will not be replaced when you click the "AI Select" icon. Items will be selected for the remaining balance of the exchange.
  • You can switch the game and add items from another game.
  • You can click on the selected item. It will be removed from the selection, but the remaining things will be fixed. The next time you click on the “AI Select”, they will not be replaced.

We hope that you will like this feature and it will help to add a little variety to your trades.

Is it possible to get more money for my items?

We normally price your items at 95% of our price. But you can easily get a bonus of up to 2%! We offer an advantageous subscription system. For a small amount per month you get many perks. One of the perks is a 1% or 2% bonus on your items! The value of the bonus depends on the subscription level!
You can subscribe in your account in the top menu!

Why are some items tagged "Unavailable" price and can not be exchanged?

Unfortunately we can not take every item for exchange. Our accounts would be overloaded with unpopular items. We try to make the range of items we accept as wide as possible! We also do not accept items with a value below $0.05.

For your comfort we give you a list of items we currently accept it's prices and limits.
This list is changing constantly based on the current market situation.

Are trades on your website secure?

Yes, absolutely. Our bots send you a trade offer in Steam. You can check the offer before accepting and reject any offer you do not like. If you send us a higher value of items than you receive - your balance on this site will get funded according to the overpay.

We keep track of every transaction. If you have any problems, contact us at support@loot.farm and we will be glad to help you.

Attention! Always give attention to security. Scammers trying to find methods to scam you. Get your skins or steal your Steam account access.
We are trying to write about this on our social networks. Subscribe now and be informed in time.

What I need to know to secure my trades and don't be scammed?

Be careful with the phishing websites. These sites can be advertised in the search engines and shown in the first place by the "loot farm" keyword. Our service uses only https://loot.farm address. Add this address to the bookmarks in your browser and use it in the future.

Take additional care if you use "Sign in with Steam" on a phishing website. These websites imitate the Steam login form and steal your Steam login, password and 2FA code. If you will be asked for Steam login and password - NEVER enter this data on the website. Go to the Steamcommunity.com and update your login session if needed. On any website, you should always have the active Steam login session and only push the "Log in" button.

Be careful when you confirm the trade offer. This trade offer should be exactly the same as shown on our website in the trades queue. If you find a cancelled correct trade offer from our bot and another trade offer was sent without items you want to get - NEVER accept this trade offer. This happens if your Steam account was compromised. Check out our article about "Steam web API key scam" to get more information.

Get our Google Chrome extension to be protected and make your trades fast and secure.

In the trade offer I accepted there are no skins I want to get.

Two cases are possible in this situation. Firstly is possible you traded items ON HOLD in Steam. Check out how our "Reservation system" works in the answer above.

In the second case your account was hacked and a hacker has access to your Steam Web API key.

To get more information about this scam try to search "Steam web API key scam" in search engines. Unfortunately, in this case you lose your skins and can not return it. Our service can not help you in this situation. From our side you cancelled our trade offer and nothing happened after this.

What should I do now?
1. You should change the password for your Steam account. https://store.steampowered.com/account/
2. Revoke Web API key on this page https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey
3. Change your Trade URL (update your Trade URL on our website also).
4. Very important: If you asked Steam login and password on "Sign in with Steam" button - NEVER enter your login data on this page. Go to the Steam website (https:/steamcommunity.com) and update your login session if needed. On the third party websites, you should always have an active session and only push the "Log in" button.


The LOOT.Farm service gives you a chance to get cashback with every trade!

CASHBACK conditions:
You have a 10% chance to get a 1% BONUS cashback from the TOTAL price of the traded items (yours and bot's items).

You have a 1% chance to get a 5% BONUS cashback from the TOTAL price of the traded items (yours and bot's items).

You can WIN this cashback in every trade. The bonus amount will be credited to your LOOT.Farm account balance after the trade has been completed in Steam.

Sponsorship and advertising

We from LOOT.Farm are always interested in ways to attract more people to our site. If you are a YouTube Creator that regularly posts videos about CS:GO, DOTA 2, H1Z1, RUST (with more than 1.000 views on average), or if you are an administrator of a Social Network Community of 10.000 members, then contact us at support@loot.farm.
Tell us how you want to advertise our service and we will gladly discuss pricing and conditions with you.

Our bots in Steam

Below you can see links to all our Steam bots. You can check our Steam CS:GO inventory and be sure that every item listed on our website exists in our Steam inventory ready to be exchanged. We also publish our Trade URLs. Our bots do not accept trade offers but you can use your Steam plugins or Steam search tools to find interesting items and add them to trade on our website.

Attention! For more security ALL of our bots have Steam level 10 (tenth). All of our bots are added to the private group LOOT.Farm BOTS in Steam. Also you can see the number of trades in every bot's profile. All of them have a very high number of trades. All this can help you to avoid scams. If someone is trying to scam you and you get a trade offer that is not from our service - never confirm and try to find out how this could happen.

LOOT.Farm Bot#1Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#2Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#3Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#4Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#5Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#6Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#7Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#8Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#9Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#10Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#11Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#12Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#13Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#14Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#15Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#16Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#17Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#18Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#19Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#20Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#21Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#22Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#23Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#24Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#25Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#26Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#27Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#28Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#29Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#30Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#31Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#32Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#33Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#34Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#35Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#36Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#37Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#38Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#39Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#40Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#41Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#42Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#43Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#44Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#45Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#46Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#47Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#48Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#49Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#50Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#51Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#52Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#53Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#54Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#55Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#56Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#57Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#58Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#59Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#60Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#61Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#62Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#63Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#64Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#65Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#66Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#67Trade URL
LOOT.Farm Bot#68Trade URL