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Make your skins work for you!

Attention! Our crowdfunding program has achieved the main goal. Due to our investors our trade bank grows to $230 000 USD value. You can not BUY our shares now. Our current investors will continue sharing profit with us. It is possible to sell shares any time, but you will not be able to buy them again later.

Our LOOT.Farm service gives you the ability to invest your skins into our business. Your skins will be used in our exchange pool, letting it grow with every trade made!

Our share price is calculated by the sum of the prices of all items invested divided by the count of shares bought.

The share price is calculated once every day.

You can buy our shares by using your internal balance. This balance is funded if you overpay on item trades, or if you just put in items without taking out any.

We offer a 0% fee when you BUY shares, but there is a 3% fee (minimum $0.01) when you SELL them.

You can sell your shares any time and the money will be funded to your internal balance. You can choose to withdraw any skins from our bank by using your balance.

Example on how it works:
Our bank value is $10,000 and there are currently 10,000 shares in circulation. This means that our share price is $1.00
You decide to deposit items valued at $100 and to buy 100 shares. Now our bank value is $10,100 and 10,100 shares have been bought. Therefore the share price is still $1.00.
Now another user wants to exchange some skins. For simplicity we assume that he wants to get a skin worth $95, but becouse of our fee he has to pay $100. These $5.00 are our profit. If we will have 100 such trades daily we will have $500 profit and the next day our bank value will be $10,100 + $500 = $10,600 while the share count didn't change.
Now we calculate our current share price: $10,600 / 10,100 shares = $1.05. This means our share price grew by 5%.

Attention: We do not guarantee any profit here. Our share price can get higher and lower based on the skin market situation, the amount of trades and our business expenses.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! This system may not be considered as "Ponzi", "HYIP" or something similar. Is a necessary measure because we can not collect a huge inventory value for trades any other way. We decided to use "crowdfunding" to solve this problem. We used maximum of our own assets for this project, and we want to give you the chance to go along with us by helping our business to grow and to make some profit. The more people use this site, the more profit we can collect and share with our investors.
So please share this site with your CS:GO friends and help us grow.

You can trade your shares on this page if you are logged in.

Important notice! Administration can temporally limit ability to buy or sell shares depending on market situation.

Share price history

Check our share price history and make your investment decisions.

Our share price calculates once a day.

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