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About Us

Loot.Farm is online service which allow you automatically trade CS:GO items with our trading bot's accounts. Using our service you can easy and secure exchange your unwanted CSGO skins to another cool guns, knives or keys. All trades provided as regular Steam trade offers and it's 100% secure.

You have personal balance in our service! All trades where you give more when receive will be funded to your personal balance and can be used in future trades. This is useful if items you want to get are on different bots.

Also where is another interesting ability. You can invest your skins in our trading bot and share profit with us! Check Invest menu link for more information.

How our prices set?

On Loot.Farm we are using unique price setting formulas. We collect market information from Steam community Marketplace and use our experience in Steam trading and rich mathematics formulas to get best prices for CSGO items.

We set several classes of discount for CS:GO items. You can find items with price as:
105% from Steam prices,
100% from Steam prices,
85% from Steam prices,
70% from Steam prices

This discount depends from many factors and you can see this information on price tag background color (same as above).

Frequently Asked Questions

It's possible to get more for my items?

Usually, we give you 95% from our prices. But, you can get 2% bonus for your items! Just add LOOT.Farm to your nickname and re-login. We will give you 97% when.

Why are some items have Unavailable price and I can not exchange it?

Unfortunately, we can not take any items for exchange. In this case our accounts will be overflooded with not popular items. But We make our best to make list of items we accept as wide as possible! Also we do not accept items with value bellow $0.05.

Is trades on your website secure?

Yes, absolutelly. Our bots send you trade offer in Steam. You can check offer before accept and can reject any offer you do not like. If you send us more values items when you get - your ballance in our service wiil be funded for appropriate amount. Also we have information about all trades. If you have any problems contact us at support@loot.farm

How to trade?

1. Sing in with your Steam account (use link on page top).

2. Choose items you want to trade from your inventory and bot's inventory (you can use your balance to make trades).

2.1. You can trade only with one bot for a trade. But you can leave some balance and use it for next trade with another bot.

2.2. To search items in our bot's inventory you can use many different parameters such as Price, Type, Exterior, Quality and also you can search by stickers name.

2.3. You can use in "Search by name" and "Search by stickers" fields partial item name and any words order. For example, if you will type "red ak" you will find all "AK-47 | Redline" items. You can use for example "awp field" and you will get all "AWP"s with "(Field-Tested)" exterior.

2.4. You can get additional information about item if mouse-over it's icon. Such as Market name, Name tags, Float, Stickers information. You can move mouse in this field to copy name for example.

2.5. You can have only one active trade for account in a moment. If you made trade request you should accept or decline this trade in Steam to make another one.

3. Push "Trade" button.

4. You will see status information about your trade and if it will be sent successfully you will get the link to accept trade offer in Steam.

5. If you will confirm trade - status will change to "Completed" after several seconds and your account will be funded if you sent more valued items than got.

5.1. If you will decline trade offer - status will change to "Canceled" and you can make another trade.