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About Us

LOOT.Farm is an online service which allows you to automatically trade CS:GO items with our trading bots' accounts. By using our service you can easily and securely exchange your unwanted CS:GO skins for other cool guns, knives and keys. All trades are provided as regular Steam trade offers, 100% secure, backed by the review system of every Steam trade, letting you accept or decline the offer.

If you add more items in a trade than necessary, the remaining funds will be transferred to your personal balance, which can be used in future trades. This is useful if the items you want to get are on different bots or if we don't currently have the item you want. You can make trades any time using your internal balance.

We also have a UNIQUE investment system. You can invest your skins into our trading pool and get profit from this investment! Check the Investments menu link for more information!

How are prices set?

On LOOT.Farm we are using unique price setting formulas. We collect market information from Steam community marketplace and use our experience in Steam trading and complex mathematical formulas to get the best prices for CS:GO skins and items.

We set several classes of discount for CS:GO items. You can find items with prices between:
105% of Steam prices,
100% of Steam prices,
85% of Steam prices,
70% of Steam prices

These discounts depend on many factors and you can see the discount class by the price tag background color (same as above).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get more money for my items?

Usually we offer you 95% of our prices, but you can get a 2% bonus for your items! Just add LOOT.Farm to your Steam nickname and re-login. We will give you 97% after you reload your inventory.

Why are some items tagged "Unavailable" price and can not be exchanged?

Unfortunately we can not take every item for exchange. Our accounts would be overloaded with unpopular items. We try to make the range of items we accept as wide as possible! We also do not accept items with a value below $0.05.

For your comfort we give you a list of items we currently don't accept. This list is updated every 15 minutes and you can use your browser to find the item names.

Are trades on your website secure?

Yes, absolutely. Our bots send you a trade offer in Steam. You can check the offer before accepting and reject any offer you not like. If you send us a higher value of items than you receive - your balance on this site will get funded according to the overpay. We keep track of every transaction. If you have any problems, contact us at and we will be glad to help you.

Our bots in Steam

Bellow you can see links to all our Steam bots. You can check our Steam CS:GO inventory and be sure that every item listed on our website exists in our Steam inventory ready to be exchanged. We also publish our Trade URLs. Our bots do not accept trade offers but you can use your Steam plugins or Steam search tools to find interesting items and add them to trade on our website.

How to trade?

1. First of all check if you have set your account's inventory to Public in Steam so we can see your inventory.

1.1. Add LOOT.Farm to your Steam nickname to get a 2% price bonus for your items.

2. Sign in safely with your Steam account (by using the link on the top of the page).

3. Set your Steam Trade URL. (click on the gear icon on the top of the page).

4. Choose the items you want to trade from your inventory. Select the items you want to get from our inventory. Check the items' prices and your balance. (You can use your balance to make trades).

4.1. You can only trade with one bot at a time, but you can leave some balance to use it for the next trade.

4.2. To search items in our bots' inventory you can use many different parameters such as Price, Type, Exterior, Quality and also by sticker names. Click the 'Additional Filters' icon to open the option menu.

4.3. For searching you can use partial item names in any order. For example: If you search for "red ak" you will find all "AK-47 | Redline" items. You also can use "awp field" to find all AWPs with "field" in the name or with "(Field-Tested)" exterior.

4.4. You can get additional information about items if you put your mouse cursor over it's icon or by touching it on mobile devices. To add items for trading on mobile devices touch the item again. You will get informations on Market name, Name tags, Float value and Sticker informations. You can move your mouse in this field to copy the market name or the sticker's name for example.

5. Click on the "Trade" button. Our service will check your trade and send a Trade offer to your Steam account.

5.1. You can only have one active trade per account at once. If you made a trade request you can accept or decline it in Steam to make another one.

6. You will see status information about your trade. If sending it was successful you will get the link to accept the trade offer in Steam, or you will get an error description if something goes wrong.

7. If you are confirming the trade, the status will change to "Completed" a few seconds later and your account will be able to make another trade. Also your account will be refunded if your items were more valuable than what you got from us.

7.1. If you decline the trade offer the status will change to "Canceled" and you can make another trade.